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[Shipping information]

  • -Delivery method: courier
  • -Delivery area: nationwide
  • -Shipping cost: 2,500 won
  • -Delivery period: 1 day ~ 2 days
  • -Shipping Information:
    There may be additional charges for mountain wallpaper or island areas.
    Your order will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
    However, depending on the product type, delivery of the product may be delayed slightly.

[Exchange and Return Information]

If exchange or return is possible

  • -Within 7 days from the date the product is supplied, however, in the case of home appliances, if the product value is lost due to the packaging being opened or the packaging is damaged, exchange / return is not possible.
  • -If the contents of the goods and services received are displayed or if they are different from the contents of the advertisement, they must be received within 3 months from the date of supply and within 30 days from the date of knowing the facts.

If exchange or return is not possible

  • -If the product is lost or damaged due to your responsibility. However, except when the packaging is damaged in order to check the contents of the product.
  • -When the value of the product is lost due to the packaging being opened or the packaging damaged.
    (Ex: Return / exchange for defective pixels such as home appliances, food, music, notebooks with LCD screens, LCD monitors, digital cameras, etc. shall be based on the manufacturer's standards.)
  • -If the value of the product has decreased considerably due to your use or consumption of some product, but only in the case of cosmetics, etc.
  • -If the value of goods, etc. has decreased significantly enough to make it difficult to resell over time
  • -If the packaging of the product which can be reproduced is damaged
    (For more information, please use 1: 1 Customer Service Center.)
  • ※ In case of exchange or return with a simple change of mind, the round-trip shipping fee is the responsibility of the customer.
  • - Thank you. -



Consultation time : am10:00 ~ pm05:00


Account Number : 1005 - 203 - 223050
Account Holder : Gustar Inc.


[ Return address ]
7th floor, Cheongho Building 148-gil 19, Eonju-ro,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul

[ Delivery Tracking ]
CJ Korea Express

COMPANY:Gustar co, Ltd CEO:SU JIN YANG 7th floor, Cheongho Building 148-gil 19 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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